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How to make a backup for ClearSCADA database while the hosting server is running

Published date: 07 October 2019

To backup your ClearSCADA files while the server is working online, you can use a Backup database item. This item stores the various settings for the backup. Steps are as following:

1.Run ViewX and log on via a User Account that has the Configure Database feature enabled.

2. from Database, Right-click on the System or Group that is to contain the Backup item, and then select Create New, followed by Other, and then Backup.

* A Backup database item is added. It is selected automatically, ready for you to define its name.

4.Enter an appropriate name for the Backup item and then press Enter.

* The below image shows a model for a backup object which has a typical configuration that should include the entire ClearSCADA DB folder that the CS server is using.

To start creating your backup then- at Run Mode- you can simply right click your backup object and select Backup as below image.

Eventually You will find a folder named “hello”- like named in this example image- at the path you defined “D:\B” which holds your generated ClearSCADA Database backup.


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