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Creating a mimic object to trigger a ClearSCADA database backup object

Published date: 07 October 2019

A user can create a mimic object to trigger a database backup object while the server is working online. To know how to create such backup object please refer to FAQ : FA384588

For instance, An Action mimic button to trigger the DB backup object to start building the backup whenever you want by a simple click. This can be easily managed by :
  1. Create a mimic button and select pick action
  2. Select Method option and press next
  3. Select your backup object you created and select “Backup” at Method field as below image

- You can watch the backup creation progress using an OPC tag by exploring the backup object items – in OPC view – and dragging the relevant “percent” tag to the same mimic as below:

You can also create a schedule object to perform the backup automatically on daily basis for instance. How!
  1. from Database, Right-click on the System or Group that is to contain the schedule item, and then select Create New, followed by Other, and then schedule.
  2. Open the item properties and double click on the desired time- 9:30 AM for example- to create your backup. A red diamond dot should appear above your selected time like below:
  1. Right click at the (object – Action view ) appears in the bottom and press “Add Action”
  2. Brows and select your backup object and select “Backup” at Method field like below.

Press OK and Save the mimic.

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