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What is meant by external fuses for the BMXDAI1614 Discrete Input Module for the X80 I/O platform?

Published date: 09 June 2020

In the technical guide for the BMXDAI1614 Discrete Input Module for the Modicon X80 Input/Output platform, what is meant by external fast blow fuses? Do the modules come with fuses pre-installed from the factory?

Product Line
Modicon X80 I/O Modules

Discrete Input Module wiring

The manual recommends using an External "Fast blow fuse of 0.25 A". Unlike all other Discrete Input Modules in the X80 lineup, the BMXDAI1614, BMXDAI1615 and BMIXDAI0814 require a single 0.25A fuse for each sensor of the module.
The rest of the Input modules require only one fuse wired in parallel with either all the sensors or channel groups of sensors.

For all X80 Input and Output Modules, fuses are sold separately from the modules and must be wired externally.
See the Modicon X80 Discrete Input/Output Modules User Manual for detailed wiring diagrams.

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