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Where do I find the part numbers for the conductor cable ends for wiring my X80 Power Supplies and IO Modules?

Published date: 19 June 2020

How do I find specific conductor cable ends (bootlace ferrules) for wiring Modicon X80 power supplies and I/O modules?

Product Line
Linergy TR Terminal Blocks, Modicon X80 Power Supplies, Modicon X80 Input and Output modules

PLC Equipment wiring

First, refer to the Modicon X80 Hardware Manuals for your specific module to find the suitable wire gauge (AWG or mm2) size you are using.
Then cross reference the wire gauge with that of the DZ5C and AZ5C series conductor cable ends (bootlace ferrules) on page 100 and 101  of the Linergy TR Terminal Blocks Catalog:

Here is a link to the full document:
Linergy TR Terminal Blocks Catalog
Reference: 9080CT1301

Also see:
Modicon X80 - Racks and Power Supplies, Hardware Reference Manual
Reference: EIO0000002626

Modicon X80 - Discrete Input / Output Modules, User Manual
Reference: 35012474K01000

Modicon X80 - Analog Input/Output Modules, User Manual
Reference: 35011978K01000

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