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Is a time delay available for the Masterpact NW/NT undervoltage trip?

Published date: 18 May 2020

Need a delay on standard undervoltage relay (UVR) in breaker.

Circuit Breakers

Applies to Masterpact NW/NT breakers.

To eliminate circuit breaker nuisance tripping during a temporary voltage dips, operation of the undervoltage trip (MN/UVR) delayed.  This function is achieved by adding a external delay unit (either adjustable or non-adjustable) to the undervoltage trip (MN/UVR) circuit.

Yes. Time delay modules can be used with the NW/NT UVR in the following voltages:

Adjustable (adjustable with dial on the front via pocket screw driver):
Volts Cat #
48-60 Vac/dc S33680
100-130 Vac/dc S33681
200-240 Vac/dc S33682
380-480 Vac/dc S33683

Volts Cat #
100-130 Vac/dc S33684
200-240 Vac/dc S33685


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