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Does a QO250GFI require a load neutral connection?

Published date: 04 December 2018

Will 2P, QO-GFI breakers work on 240V, 2 Wire systems without out a neutral?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to all 2P QO-GFI, 50A and below including; QO215GFI QOB215GFI QO220GFI QOB220GFI QO225GFI qOB225GFI QO230GFI QOB230GFI QO240GFI QOB240GFI QO250GFI QOB250GFI QO260GFI and QOB260GFI

A load neutral connection is required only if there is a load neutral. The circuit breaker will perform properly without a load neutral on a 2-wire 240Vac circuit. However the neutral pigtail still has to be connected to panel neutral bar.

For more information on wiring please see instruction bulletin 48840-435-03 in our technical library.


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