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What are the repair parts for an MP22125R, Series 003, METER-PAK Unit?

Published date: 15 May 2020

Need repair parts list for MP22125R, series 003

Product Line:
Metering Equipment

Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Parts include Meter Socket through Tenant Circuit Breaker Compartment, include quantities for one position only (where a part number only is given the order quantity for that part is one):

4-Jaw Meter Socket - 4052720650 (Remove 5th Jaw)
Meter Socket Jaw Assembly - (4) 4052706950
Keps Nuts to secure Meter Socket Jaws - (4) 2342702001
Mounting Screws for Meter Socket - (2) 4020508201
Load Side Meter Socket Bus Connectors - (2) 4052752050
Circuit Breaker Base - 4054135702
Mounting Screws for Circuit Breaker Base - (4 ) 2142417201
Mounting Screws for Bus Connectors- (2) 4020508202
Connector Fingers for Circuit Breaker Base - (2) 4052707001
Mounting Screws for Connector Fingers - (2) 4020516301
Nuts for Connector Finger Mounting Screws - (2) 23504-990-02

OTHER Available Parts for this device:
Cover Mounting Screw - 4020513002K
Equipment Ground Terminal Assembly - 4052737150
Mounting Screws for Equipment Ground - (2) 2142217101
Individual Meter Socket Trim (Ring Type) - 4052793950
Gasket for Meter Socket Trim - 4052736801
Mounting Screw for Meter Socket Trim - 2142217101
Meter Socket Sealing Ring (standard aluminum snap type) - 2920910001
Circuit Breaker RB Cover (one position) - BCH (OBSOLETE WITHOUT REPLACEMENT)

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