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Do we have a fire rating for our busway?

Published date: 20 May 2020

Fire rating for busway?

Product line:
I-Line busway sold and supported in the USA.

I-Line and I-Line II


I-Line/I-Line II busway is constructed with barriers that will prevent the spread of smoke and gases in the event of a fire in the area of the busway installation.

This allows the busway to pass through walls and floors without creating a ``chimney effect.``  By itself, though, busway is not assigned a fire rating.  UL does accept busway as a component in a fire rated assembly in which the busway is considered the "Through Penetration Device."  In summary, busway does not have a fire rating, but it can be a component in a fire rated system.  

The installer is responsible for providing the necessary materials to complete the fire rated system.  Underwriters Laboratory lists multiple fire stop systems with busway as the "thru penetration device", and the determination of the appropriate "Fire Stop System" must be made based on a)  the thru penetration device, b)  wall material/construction and c)  level of fire protection.


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