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Building Automation and Control

Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters

Variable speed drives (VSDs) are devices that regulate the rotation speed of an electric motor. These motors power pumps, fans, and other mechanical components of buildings, plants, and factories. There are a few types of variable speed drives, but the most common is the variable frequency drive (VFD). VFDs are widely used to control AC motors in most applications. The primary job of both VSDs and VFDs is to vary the frequency and voltage supplied to a motor. These varying frequencies in turn control a motor’s acceleration, change of speed, and deceleration. VSDs and VFDs can reduce power consumption when the motor is not needed, and therefore boost efficiency. Our VSDs, VFDs, and soft starters offer you a wide range of fully tested and ready-to-connect motor control solutions, up to 20 MW. From compact pre-engineered systems to custom-engineered complex solutions, our products are developed and manufactured to the highest quality level to meet your needs for industrial processes, machines, or building applications.

Building Drives

Discover Altivar low-voltage building AC drives specifically designed for the most common lifting and HVAC applications in buildings.

Altivar 212 Variable Frequency Drive VFD

Altivar 212 Variable Frequency Drive VFD

Best in class efficiency make the AHRI Certified™ ATV212 the ideal choice for pump, fan and scroll compressor applications in modern buildings. Altivar™ 212 ATV212 Dedicated Fan and Pump AC Drives offer unmatched value in installed cost and functionality for centrifugal fan and pump applications making it the right solution for OEMs and control panel builders. The Altivar 212 AC drive has Reduced Harmonic Technology to mitigate harmonics. It also integrates Modbus, BACnet®, Johnson Controls N2, and Apogee P1 networks. LonWorks® is available as a separate option card. The Altivar 212 supports the Altivar LCD remote-mount keypad.

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S-Flex 212 Drive

S-Flex 212 Drive

The AHRI Certified™ S-Flex delivers best in class efficiency when controlling pumps, fans and scroll compressors in HVAC applications, and is the most compact unit in its class. A full-featured, pre-assembled and pre-wired UL Type 1, 12, and 3R HVAC / bypass drive.

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