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Building Management

Building management systems (BMS) help you to get a holistic view of building performance by providing an integrated environment across all the building systems. System integration in a building adds value and allows you to respond to occupant needs. As buildings become more connected, there is a growing need for intelligent building technologies that provide data-driven insights to maximize operational efficiency, cut energy waste, and lower overall costs. Today’s smart buildings are starting to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect various systems and devices to a centralized technology backbone. Our BMS solutions enable lifetime efficiency of your building by letting you monitor, control, and optimize performance throughout its lifecycle. Switch to smart building automation and control solutions with Schneider Electric's integrated building management systems and room controllers.

Building Management Systems

With an open and secure software integration framework, EcoStruxure™ Building Operation building management system (BMS) allows collaboration across complex third-party systems (energy, lighting, HVAC, fire safety, security, and workplace management systems) to create future-ready smart buildings. Our affordable BMS designed for buildings with a smaller footprint delivers programmable control and 24/7 monitoring to reduce energy waste without compromising comfort.