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Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers perform 3 key functions: protection, switching, and monitoring. Circuit breakers are designed to “break” (discontinue) the flow of electricity to protect people and equipment when current reaches an unsafe level due to overload, short circuit, or other electrical faults. Different types of circuit breakers may include design features that provide ground fault and/or arc fault protection for residential use, or with metering and alarm functions, and remote on/off control for commercial and industrial use. We are your one source solution for all your circuit breaker and equipment needs. We have the broadest array of circuit breakers in the industry, including Square D circuit breakers for superior circuit protection, the legendary PowerPact molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), and high current MasterPact air circuit breakers (ACB). Our products deliver the reliability and performance you and your customers demand.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

Square D™ Homeline™ Miniature Circuit Breakers Schneider Eletric Square D Picture

Square D™ Homeline™ Miniature Circuit Breakers

Homeline miniature circuit breakers for Homeline load centers. Engineered for value, Homeline™ Circuit Breakers are designed for fast installation, reliability, and superior circuit protection. With industry leading innovations and exclusive features, Square D Homeline Circuit Breakers are the smart, safe, reliable choice.

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Square D™ QO™ and QOB Miniature Circuit Breakers Schneider Eletric Square D Picture

Square D™ QO™ and QOB Miniature Circuit Breakers

QO(B) miniature circuit breakers for QO systems. QO(B) circuit breakers come in plug-on or bolt-on options and a complete range of amperages and interrupting ranges to fit into various QO distribution panels. QO is the “World’s Finest” Industry leading offer since 1955, with features engineered for faster installation, reliability and quality.

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C60BP UL489 3P

Multi 9

Multistandard protection. A comprehensive range to protect against electrical threats, including short circuits, overloads, and earth leakages.

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QOU Unit Mount Circuit Breakers Schneider Eletric Square D Picture

QOU Unit Mount Circuit Breakers

For overcurrent protection and switching on both AC and DC systems. The perfect choice for OEMs thanks to high performances and multiple mounting options

Part of Square D QO
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Sparks and fire

Arc Flash Protection & Safety

Electrical arc flash protection is essential for safe and reliable operation of your facility’s power system. Find best practices on arc flash safety.
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Electrical switchgear is a vital system in industries that experience electrical faults or those that need to regularly de-energize equipment for maintenance. Explore LV switchgear for superior electrical distribution.

Electrical fire protection

Across the globe, electrical fires cause significant damage to buildings of all sizes. These are just some of our solutions for electrical fire prevention. Explore the risk areas, discover protection tips and view our other solutions to help you design, build and install.

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