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This is a legacy product

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The Multi 9 System includes one UL Listed and three IEC rated product families that provide ground-fault protection.

  • Features

    Product Cross-Reference

    • Compliance with: UL 1053, CAN/CSA-E1008, and IEC 61008
    • Rated currents: 1 to 100 A
    • Sensitivities:  
      • 30 mA: protection from electric shocks according to IEC 61008
      • 100, 300mA: protection against fire ignition, according to UL 1053;
    • AC SiE type:
      - immunized against nuisance tripping: especially suitable for mission-critical circuits (computing equipment) and others prone to disturbances (ballast lighting, power electronics)
      - immunized against aggressive environments : chemical agents with humid or polluted atmosphere
    • Suitable for isolation
    • To be protected against overcurrents by suitable upstream circuit-breaker


    • Available world-wide: Peace of mind
    • Rail DIN mounting: Simplicity
    • Many associations of products: Flexibility
    • Small-sized, space-saving: Productivity


    Applications requiring earth leakage protection (UL 1053):
    • Industrial controls and automation
    • Communication equipment, computers
    • Medical equipment, etc.
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