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High Density Metering

Scalable electrical submetering solution

Space-saving energy management solution, ideal to meet the metering and billing needs of multi-tenant properties.

High Density Metering
  • Features

    Flexible PowerLogic high density metering enables you to select any number of meters up to the cabinet’s threshold, giving you the option to expand as your needs dictate. From a single building to a sprawling complex, PowerLogic High Density Metering (HDM) is engineered to answer the metering and billing needs of multi-tenant properties and is an excellent choice for new construction or retrofit installations.
    HDM cabinets are a scalable electrical submetering solution for tenant metering, monitoring energy usage and efficiency, or aggregating energy purchases for reduced rates.
    PowerLogic High Density Metering cabinets offer low installed cost, exceptional scalability, and accuracy verified to national sub-billing standards (ANSI C12.20. 0.5 Accuracy Class or ANSI C12.16. 1.0 Accuracy Class). Space saving, HDM cabinets have a small footprint that occupies a fraction of the space of traditional meter centers. They are designed and engineered to be easy to specify, purchase, install and operate, and can be equipped with a variety of high quality PowerLogic meters.
    When combined with advanced PowerLogic Tenant Metering Commercial Edition Software, HDM cabinets offer a complete tenant sub-billing and meter reading solution for tenant utilities management and energy consumption billing.



    • Monitor energy use and improve energy efficiency
    • Implement a scalable, accurate and affordable tenant metering solution
    • Enjoy fast installation and a space-saving footprint



    Energy monitoring in:
    • Multi-family residential buildings
    • Retail malls/food courts
    • Office buildings
    • Commercial buildings
    • Hotels and entertainment venues
    • Airports and other transportation facilities

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