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Square D NEMA Sectional Terminal Blocks 9080G

Class 9080 Type G terminal blocks

This family of blocks and accessories offers a wide variety of features like DIN 3 track mounting, colored blocks, terminal screws shipped backed out, captive screws and higher density to save you both money and time. This line also includes a direct mount block that can be panel or track mounted. Standard track comes in common lengths and break-off styles. All blocks are UL component recognized and CSA approved.

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
Square D NEMA Sectional Terminal Blocks 9080G
  • Features

    This line of sectional terminal blocks has all of the most popular terminal block types.

    • Various Termination Types
    • Box Lug Connector
    • Flat Terminal Connector
    • Pressure Wire Connector
    • Slip-on Connector
    • Blocks In Eight Colors
    • Large Screws
    • Screws Shipped Backed Out on Box Lug Blocks
    • Captive Screws
    • 35mm DIN 3 Track Mountable
    • Direct Panel Mount Block
    • Custom Assemblies Available
    • Wide Variety of Accessories


    • Meets a wide variety of application requirements
    • Labor savings
    • Versatility
    • Easy wiring
    • Requires standard screwdriver
    • Color coding


    • Construction
    • Harsh Environment
    • Amusement Park Ride Controls
    • Discrete Manufacturing
    • Conveyance Lines
    • Comples and Special Machines
    • Educational Campuses
    • Commercial Office Buildings
    • Builing Automation


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