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TeSys DF and LS1

Fuse carriers from 25 A to 125 A, up to 690 V

Part of TeSys

Short-circuit protection of any low-voltage electric installation: control circuits, transformers, motors, etc.

TeSys DF and LS1
  • Features

    TeSys DF
    • Fuses from 25A to 125A
    • Compact size helps to reduce the overall size of the installation.
    • Ergonomic handle for easier opening.
    • Version for Class CC fuses
    • Cylindrical cartridge fuses: 8x32, 10x38, 14x51 and 22x58 up to 690V, from 25 to 125Amps
    • LED blown fuse indicator
    • Dual position locking system for easy DIN-rail mounting
    • Multi-pole configurations 1P, N, 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N
    • Certifications: IEC 60947-3, UL512 and CSA, RoHS compliant
    • Protection against direct finger contact
    TeSys LS1
    • 45 mm wide mounting dimensions, matching TeSys starters and contactors
    • Accepts Class CC fuses (such as Bussmann FNQ-R or KTK-R)
    • US Fuse Types CC, KTK-R
    • European Fuse Types aM, gG
    • Rated 30A, 600 Vac, 3 phase
    • Uses screw clamp terminations (spring terminal version under development)
    • Connects to LC1D09 through LC1D38 contactors (with use of GV2AF3 connector or GV2AF4)
    • Meets application needs for fusible starter


    Simple and effective protection!

    Fuse protection is a reliable and effective solution to protect your low voltage equipment against short-circuits that can cause major damage to your installations and generate risk for equipment and personnel, as well as significant production.


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