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PowerLogic BCPM

Branch Circuit Power Meter

Part of PowerLogic

The PowerLogic BCPM series is a highly accurate, full featured meter designed for the unique, multi-circuit and minimal space environment of electrical distribution panelboards, switchboards, power distribution units (PDU) and remote power panels (RPP).

  • Features

    The BCPM series monitors up to 84 branch circuits and the incoming power mains to provide information on each branch circuit. Full alarming capabilities ensure that potential issues are dealt with before they become problems.

    The BCPM series offers flexibility for both new construction and retrofit installations, plus a wide variety of communication options, including Ethernet. It has exceptional dynamic range and accuracy, and optional feature sets to meet the energy challenges of even the most mission critical facilities. The BCPM series offers both solid-core and a split-core CT options. The metering unit can be ordered in one of three available feature sets:

    • Advanced/Advanced Ethernet: Power and energy per circuit and mains
    • Intermediate: Current per circuit, power and energy per mains
    • Basic: Current only per circuit and mains
    • Monitor 42 or 84 circuits with 2 or 4 solid-core CT strips
    • Monitor up to 84 circuits with individual split-core CTs 
    • Supports single phase and 3-phase circuit metering
    • Monitor mains with two sets of inputs for four auxiliary CTs
    • Set alarm levels at High-High, High, Low and Low-Low as a percent of breaker rating, to ensure you get an alarm before a breaker trip occurs
    • Flexible communications options*, including SNMP, Modbus, and BACnet over RS-485 or Ethernet, easily integrates BCPM into your monitoring network (*Capability depends on model selected)
    • Accurate at low current values, down to .25 A solid-core CT) or 1 (split-core CT)


    The PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) series helps you:
    • Reduce energy costs 
    • Improve power quality
    • Improve continuity of service for optimal management of your electrical installation and increased productivity
    • Maximize uptime and avoid outages


    • Optimize existing infrastructure
    • Improve power distribution efficiency
    • Track usage and allocate energy costs
    • Enable accurate sub-billing
    • Measurement and verification to quantify energy savings



    • Both versions with ribbon cables
    • Solid-core CT version
    • Split-core CT version

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