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Modicon M258 Compact PLC for Machine Automation

The Modicon M258 high-performance PLC is made to control large and complex machines. Programs with SoMachine software. Uses TM5 expansion I/O.

Part of Modicon

The Modicon M258 is a compact high-performance PLC for control of large and complex machines. The modular I/O system is based on TM5 remote I/O expansion modules capable of a couple thousand I/O points. The M258 is closely related to the LMC058 motion controller sharing the same TM5 I/O system and inheriting a reduced set of simple motion control capabilities. The programming software for the M258 is SoMachine which is fully-featured and IEC 61131-3 compliant.

Modicon M258 Compact PLC for Machine Automation
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