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Lexium CAS 4

Cantilever axes with moving axis body

Part of Lexium

Standardized telescopic axes for a wide range of linear movements.

Lexium CAS 4 cantilever axes with motor
  • Features

    Lexium CAS4 cantilever extruded-section axis
    Applications requiring loop-back movement within a working area such as pushing and high feed forces such as clamping and cutting out.

    • Driving block with drill holes and T-slots on 2 sides for easy and flexible mounting
    • Load can be fixed to the 2 end blocks and to one of the sides using the T-slots
    • Quick-coupling system for simple motor assembly
    • Stroke lengths of up to 1200 mm
    • Compatible with Lexium PAS portal axes


    Lexium CAS4 cantilever axes

    • The axes consist of a stationary motor unit and a mobile axis body, which moves into the working area
    • They are available in extruded section or round bar design, each offering distinct advantages for a variety of loads and travel distances (strokes)



    • Manufacture and assembly of electronic equipment
    • Woodworking
    • Packaging and labelling
    • Material handling
    • Textile industry
    • Printing
    • Paper processing
    • Robotics
    • Material working


    • Lexium CAS 4 cantilever axes with motor
    • Lexium CAS3 cantilever round-bar axis
    • Lexium CAS2 telescopic axis
    • Lexium CAS4 cantilever extruded-section axis

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