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Linergy TR Cable Ends (Ferrules) and Tools

Mark-able cable ends, insulated cable ends in dispenser pack, uninsulated cable ends and tools

The complete range of Linergy TR cable ends (ferrules) helps streamline all your electrical installations with three types of insulated cable ends -- markable, standard, or twin -- available in three different lengths. All cable ends are packed in easy-to-use dispenser pack or zippered bag.

Linergy TR Cable Ends (Ferrules) and Tools
  • Features

    • Various colors, sizes, and packaging
    • Insulated mark-able, standard or twin
    • Uninsulated and banded cable ends
    • Three lengths available: short, medium, and long
    • Packed in easy-to-use dispenser pack or printed zippered bags
    • For cables up to 50mm²


    Dispenser pack type of packaging improves working conditions:
    • By simply pressing the sides, the dispenser releases the required quantity of cable ends into the receptacle, where they can easily be picked up.
    • Releasing pressure on the sides stops the flow of cable ends.
    • Facilitates storage by avoiding mixing cable ends of different sizes
    • Identifies the c.s.a. of cable ends it contains
    • Designed for controlled dispensing and automatic storage
    • Cable ends can be easily picked up from the dish-shaped receptacle
    Mark-able cable ends facilitate the cable installation in any type of application:
    • No need to use other marking accessories for cables.
    • Rapid clip-on mounting of up to seven markers on each cable end
    • AR1 markers available for special symbols, all letters, and digits in 10 different colors


    • Distribution
    • Construction
    • Bottling
    • Material Handling
    • Harsh Environment
    • Automotive
    • Conveyance Lines


    • Double cable ends AZ5DE
    • Banded cable ends DZ5CEB
    • Accessories AR1SC03
    • Single cable ends DZ5CE/AZ5CE
    • Single Cable ends with facility for clip-in markers DZ5CA
    • Single markable cable ends DZ5CA

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