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Magelis XBT GH

Handheld Touchscreen HMI

Magelis XBT GH is a portable handheld HMI that can be used in machine setup, maintenance and normal operation.

Magelis XBT GH
  • Features

    • 5.7" display with VGA resolution
    • 11 configurable function keys with insert labels
    • Built-in communications include serial, Ethernet and USB
    • Panel mounted junction box with easy disconnect
    • Drop resistance conforming to IEC 1131-2
    • IP65 enclosure
    • Emergency pushbutton
    • 3-position enable switch
    • Key switch to power on/off the HMI


    • Improve maintenance operations by bringing the HMI to the point of service
    • High resolution display for more detail during setup and commissioning
    • Easy disconnect to move the HMI from one machine to the next
    • Mounting bracket for use during normal operation


    Suitable for all types of machines and industries, both process and discrete manufacturing.


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