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ConneXium Ethernet Devices

Networking infrastructure solution including wireless offer

Part of Modicon


ConneXium Ethernet Devices
  • Features

    A large range of products

    • Managed switches
      • Increase network performance by relieving network congestion in real-time and deterministic network communication applications
      • Implement Gigabit speed, increased security filtering methods and optimized port configurations
    • Unmanaged switches 
    • Hubs
      • Connect devices to provide shared communication among PLCs and control devices for low-cost solutions
    • Converters
      • ConneXium TeSysPort™ interface connects intelligent TeSys™ motor control products onto an Ethernet network, thus providing Ethernet functionality with minimal investment
    • Gateways
      • Provide connection between devices on Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP and device(s) on RS485 Modbus, or between devices on Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP and devices on Modbus Plus
    • Transceivers
      • Secure transmission in areas of high electromagnetic interference through fiber optic networks
    • Cables
      • Provide simple, flexible, and reliable installation suitable for use in industrial environments
    • Adapters

    Tofino Industrial Firewall

    The Connexium™ TCSEFEC family of Industrial Ethernet Firewalls is a range of security devices intended to help protect industrial networks, automation systems, SCADA systems and process control facilities from external cyber threats. These Firewalls are designed to permit or deny communications by restricting network traffic based on user defined rules that would permit only authorized devices, communication types and services.


    Remain connected in any circumstance

    The ConneXium range offers you a smart and flexible way to integrate Ethernet solutions into your operation, from the device level to the control network and to your corporate network via Ethernet-ready PLC platforms.
    The new ConneXium WiFi offer brings you more:

    • Industrial grade WLAN technology
    • Full range of security and redundancy features
    • WAN routing and remote access
    • Powerful management software
    • Complete serviceability (diagnosis etc.)
    • Low-cost cabling solution
    • Accessories: antennas, protectors, cables...  


    Water Wastewater
    Food & Beverage


    • New ConneXium WiFi range
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