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Masterpact NT and NW - UL/ANSI

LV power circuit breakers from 800 A to 6000 A

Masterpact NT/NW offers a comprehensive range of circuit breakers designed and tested for applications in accordance to ANSI C37/UL1066 or UL 489 standards.

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Masterpact NT and NW - UL/ANSI
  • Features

    Offer Safety Notice

    Safety Alert for Masterpact NW 800-6300A Circuit Breakers
    Includes inspection procedures and FAQs. Read the offer safety notice here.

    Masterpact™ NT and NW circuit breakers protect electrical systems from damage caused by overcurrent events. In addition to the traditional features of power circuit breaker, Masterpact NT and NW ranges offer built- in communications and metering functions.

    The range of Masterpact NT/NW includes 2 families and 3 frame sizes

    • Masterpact NT, the world’s smallest true power circuit breaker, with ratings from 600 to 1600 A
    • Masterpact NW, in two frame sizes, one from 800 to 4000 A and the other from 4000 to 6000 A
    • Drawout or Fixed Mount, 3-Pole (3P) or 4-Pole (4P) Construction
    • Enhanced coordination by their adjustability, LI, LSI and LSIG with integral ground-fault protection
    • High interrupting ratings and withstand ratings
    • Communications and monitoring capability
    • Field-Installable trip units, sensor plugs and accessories


    Masterpact NT and NW incorporate the latest technology to enhance bothperformance and safety. Easy to install, with user-friendly, intuitiveoperation and environment-friendly design, Masterpact NT and NW are,quite simply, circuit breakers of their time.
    • Performance: interrupting ratings for standard distribution to high-performance and critical applications, high resistance to environmental stress and demanding operations
    • Safety: Advanced Micrologic trip unit adjustabilty offer precision selectivity, monitoring capability, advance protection functions
    • Easy to install and operate: range of field installable Micrologic trip units, sensor plugs and accessories, wide range of productiviy tools and support to help support productivity at all project stages


    • Commercial Buildings 
    • Industrial Buildings 
    • Water Wastewater 
    • Healthcare Facilities 
    • Wind Farm 
    • Data Centers
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