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ADVC-2 Controller Range

This is a legacy product

This Product is Obsolete

Full featured protective relay for medium voltage electrical distribution networks. Provides the latest protection technology in a highly reliable, low-maintenance electronics package.

ADVC-2 Controller Range
  • Features

    The ADVC controller range offers advanced protection, measurement, diagnostic, and communication features in a reliable package. Designed around the user, this controller range offers flexibility and choice.

    The flexVUE operator interface is well suited for users who prefer to customize status lamps and command buttons. It allows for use of a factory default configuration or can be completely customized to suit specific applications.

    Our ULTRA control enclosure provides generous mounting space for communications equipment or other accessories and offers a number of options for auxiliary supply connections. It is designed for complex applications such as substation or pole line use.

    WSOS5 (Windows Switchgear Operating System 5) is a software package that allows the configuration, control and monitoring of Schneider Electric’s pole-mounted auto reclosers and sectionalizers.

    The ADVC Controller Range interface is compatible with the following switchgear:

    Controller features include :
    Protection, monitoring, metering, control, communications and power quality.


    • Improve SAIDI and SAIFI indices by automatically reducing outages
    • Defer capital works by offering features that reduce network stresses
    • Easily integrated into Smart Grid applications with advanced capabilities such as Loop Automation and Automatic Changeover
    • Flexible applications from complex substation or standalone pole mounted through powerful automation and communication features
    • Automatic isolation of permanent faults


    The ADVC-2 control is the intelligence behind the protection in Schneider electric overhead switchgear. It is compatible with all models and versions of our offer with the ability to distinguish what it is connected to upon powering up. 2 automation schemes come by default and at no added charge making this control a natural choice for Feeder Automation initiatives. The ADVC-2 easily integrated into Smart Grid applications with advanced capabilities such as Loop Automation and Automatic Changeover.

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