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VarSet Fast

Reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering featuring quick response to load fluctuation and transient free switching.

Power factor correction to reduce operating expenses and improve reliability and system capacity.

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VarSet Fast
  • Features

    VarSet Fast capacitor banks are suitable for applications with dynamic load variation or for electronic loads that are sensitive to transient over voltages. This range is available from 450 kVAR to 1200 kVAR.

    Reactive power compensation is typically performed by a dedicated controller which measures the system power factor, compares it to a set target and energizes capacitors via electromechanical contactors. Standard system response to a load fluctuation will be 5-10 minutes at best - provided the load increase remains constant at the new, higher level.

    VarSet Fast utilizes electronic switching elements and a DSP-based controller capable of reacting within ten seconds (max.) to load fluctuations. The full value of the system is the transient free switching of the capacitor, and electronic switches having a virtually unlimited life.

    • Transient-free switching of capacitor steps within 10 seconds
    • Electronic switching elements yield an unlimited number of switching operations
    • Sophisticated power factor controller options
    • LCD display on controller displays actual power factor, alarms, number of steps energized, and much more
    • Heavy-duty capacitor element provides superior performance
    • QED switchboard-style section constructed of 12-gauge steel frame covered with removable 16-gauge steel panels
    • Standard section dimension of 30 in. wide x 36 in. deep x 91.5 in. high
    • Capacity available up to 1350 kVAR at 480 V



    • Lower utility power bills
    • Cooler equipment operation and longer equipment life
    • Correct power factor to boost productivity and eliminate power factor penalties
    • Increase capacity and reliability
    • Achieve energy and cost savings benefits for your entire facility



    Ideal for industrial facilities and to correct poor power factor in electrical networks with a high concentration of electronic loads.

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