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Zelio Relays Solid State

A complete range of innovative, smart and reliable solid state relays - SSL - SSM - SSP

Part of Harmony

Zelio Solid State Relays offer slim interfaces (SSL), modular DIN rail (SSM) and panel mount (SSP) solid state relays that provide complete, compact and innovative solution for various 1 & 3 Phase applications likes interfacing, control and load switching.

Zelio Relays Solid State
  • Features

    Focus on New Zelio Relay SSP1 & SSP1.S with smart diagnostic features

    Innovative, simple, safe and reliable thanks to its ‘telescopic’ screw terminal. Smart - Diagnostic feature with signal alarm output which allow immediate troubleshoot minimizing downtime & impact of machine breakdown.

    • Complete Solution – 1 & 3 Phase, Slim, modular DIN rail and panel mount offer.
    • Competitive & innovative solid-state switching solution
    • Simplified – Easy product selection with consistent & easy to understand product nomenclature
    • Enhanced product – improve end user experience


    A simple approach to achieve higher efficiency.
    • Maintenance free: Fully electronics, unlimited lifespan
    • High switching frequency: Fast and precision control
    • Silent and reliable switching: No moving parts, soundless switching
    • Sustainable in harsh environment: Resistance to shock & vibration - Free from contact contamination.


    Suitable for a wide range of applications:
    • Industrial machines
    • Packaging machines
    • Injection molding
    • HVAC
    • Machines and building or medical equipment
    • Textile machines

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