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Harmony 22 mm XB5R/XB4R Wireless Push Buttons

Save time, increase productivity and maximize mobility with the Harmony wireless push button

Part of Harmony

Utilizing wireless technology, the Harmony™ XB5R Wireless push button doesn’t require a battery and is easy to install in both new and existing applications. Now, you no longer need to pass a cable through the machine structure or cable tray to connect the push button to the electrical panel – cutting installation costs up to 20% as compared to traditional wired solutions.

Harmony 22 mm XB5R/XB4R Wireless Push Buttons
  • Features

    When the operator pushes the button, mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy, which sends a one-time radio message to the receiver. The battery-less solution offers permanent availability and eliminates costly battery maintenance, re-charging and recycling. The ergonomic Harmony Handy Box push button enclosures add the option of true remote control. The Handy Box can be mounted on a forklift, the wall, or hung from a belt loop to keep the wireless technology with the operator.

     The wireless technology helps to achieve greater productivity by providing operators with greater freedom and mobility, allowing them to remotely control machines at a distance of up to 25 meters away in a metal cabinet. Similar to other Harmony products, the wireless, battery-less push button is well suited for industrial environments where added protection of your people and machines is paramount.

    Along with the XB5R wireless, battery-less push buttons, the rope pull switch allows automatic doors to be opened and closed from a distance, making passage safer and more convenient for forklifts and walking personnel, while eliminating the need for costly wiring. The Harmony rope pull switch can be mounted directly on the panel or between two ropes close to the automatic door, enabling a forklift driver or pedestrian to open and close the door simply by pulling the rope.

    How to Videos

    Resetting a Harmony XB5R Wireless Push Button Receiver


    Pairing a Harmony ZBRT2 Wireless Push Button to a Receiver


    No wire and no battery: a simple and new way to install and use pushbuttons..
    • Easy and fast installation
    • Maintenance-free
    • Robust design for industrial environments
    • Eco-friendly green technology
    • All with the same high-quality offered by the rest of the Harmony pushbutton ranges.


    • Long machines for the industry
    • Conveying systems (automotive, MMM, logistic centers)
    • Bottle filling, palletizers (food and beverage)
    • Building utilities
    • Automatic doors and gates



    • Harmony XB5R Rope Pull Switch
    • Modular components make it easy to integrate within existing applications
    • Accessories help to complete your Harmony XB5R application
    • Plug & Play packages make it easy to choose

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