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Line Isolation Monitor (LIM)

Iso-Gard Series 6

Square D / Schneider Electric Iso-Gard Series 6, in full compliance of NFPA 99 requirements, for testing and monitoring of the Isolation Power Panels.

Line Isolation Monitor (LIM)
  • Features

    Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) testing device continually measures the balanced and unbalanced impedance from line-to-ground on each line of an ungrounded electrical system. 

    The Iso-Gard Series 6 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) manufactured by Schneider Electric:

    • Automatic operating voltage selection reduces repairs and technical calls and increases customer satisfaction
    • Automatic self test with data logging reduces time required to perform periodic testing
    • Communications bus provides centralized monitoring of LIM installations to improve predictive maintenance
    • Built-in ground fault location system reduces the time required to locate detected fault(s)
    • Plain text menu interface makes setting easier and alarms clearer
    • Electrical system measurements help determine root cause of detected fault

    Line Isolation Monitor is incorporated into the Isolation Power Panel, which could be mounted external to the operating room. NEC allows for composite units to communicate the LIM information. Schneider Electric offers 2 remote indicators to meet this layout out requirements.



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