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Dispenser Manager

Combines several conventionally installed fueling controls into a single, integrated, space saving system.

Solve fueling controls problems with a single, integrated solution

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Dispenser Manager
  • Features

    For use in Convenience Store / Petroleum markets only.

    Field-installed fuel controls, such as emergency shutdown contactors, isolation relays, submersible turbine pump control boxes, and maintenance disconnect switches, are difficult to install, challenging to start up, costly and time consuming to maintain. The Dispenser Manager-EX is designed to combine several conventionally installed fueling controls into a single, space-saving system. Now, you can enjoy time-saving installation, consistent operation, factory-tested reliability, and expansion capabilities with the Dispenser Manager-EX (DM-EX). This single, integrated solution helps save you time and money.

    Functions performed by the Dispenser Manager-EX system eliminate the need for the following conventional controls:

    • Emergency shutdown contactors or shunt trip breakers and dedicated fueling panelboards.
    • Separately wired submersible pump control boxes.
    • Dispenser isolation relay boxes and isolation pump boxes.
    • Switched-neutral circuit breakers for dispenser power, and allows the use of standard single pole circuit breakers.
    • Separate circuit breakers for dispenser topper lighting circuits.

    The Dispenser Manager-EX provides consistent, standardized, and modular expansion capabilities with terminal strip interfacing for tank monitoring systems, remote operating stations, and variable speed controllers.

    The Dispenser Manager-EX meets the requirements of NEC Article 514-5 (emergency shutdown on all line and neutral conductors) and also for the 1999 NEC Article 514-6 (providing switches for each dispenser to disconnect all line, neutral, and feedback conductors for maintenance and service).


    • Space-saving: Single, compact cabinet is prewired with controls and STP contactors
    • Easy to install: Eliminates the need for separate wiring of submersible turbine pump control boxes
    • User friendly: Front-mounted interface panel with emergency stop, reset switches, and pump status indicator lights
    • Integrated: Prewired interfacing for remotely located tank monitoring systems, emergency stop switches, and cashier consoles
    • Expandable: Plug-and-pump expandability for easy addition of dispenser modules with track- mounted design and ribbon cable connection
    • Flexible: Choose the model you need based on your specific requirements
    • Safe: Patented design and pre-engineered circuits comply with codes and standards, complies with National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 514.11 and Article 514.13
    • Simple: Single point of connection for all dispenser power circuits, Low Voltage Dispenser Disconnect (LVDD) can be wired into the DM-EX module to disconnect both power and low voltage circuits from a single switch


    • Fueling stations
    • Convenience stores
    • Grocery stores with fueling stations


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