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On-Site Manager

Circuit breaker panelboard and fueling and lighting controls integrated into a single enclosure.

Make the most of limited space with this integrated controls solution

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On-Site Manager
  • Features

    The Square D® On Site Manager product line is a unique combination of a Square D circuit breaker panelboard, Lighting Manager, and Dispenser Manager products in a single, space saving enclosure. Optional transient voltage surge protection is also available.

    Field installed fueling and lighting controls, electrical distribution, and transient surge protection systems require significant wall space, are difficult to install, challenging to startup, and costly to maintain.

    The On Site Manager solves these critical problems with a single, integrated solution that provides time and space saving installation, consistent operation, factory-tested reliability, and the latest in fueling control, lighting control, and transient surge protection technology.

    DM-EX Module
    The diverse electrical components and requirements for Multi-Product Dispenser (MPD) fueling controls are pre-engineered on our patented DM-EX module. It provides the integrated operation of dispensers, submersible pumps, tank monitoring, and remote emergency switching, as well as emergency shutdown capabilities for the complete fueling system.

    NQ Panelboard
    The Square D NQ family of panelboards has a proven record of reliable performance for 240 V maximum systems. Frequently specified to power lighting systems and small electrical equipment, they are the industry’s choice for reliable, easy-to-install, off-the-shelf panelboards.

    Lighting Manager-Z10
    The LM-Z10 saves energy and reduces electrical costs by integrating ambient light sensing, digital controls, and power switching of lighting circuits. The programmable lighting controller is flush-mounted in the door and provides automatic operation of all outside signs, canopy lights, and site lighting to maximize operating efficiencies.


    • Integrated solution: Single, space-saving cabinet prewired with electrical distribution, lighting, and fueling controls
    • Space-saving: Reduce wall space required by electrical equipment by an average of 60%
    • Reliable: Consistent operation, factory-tested reliability
    • Safe: UL Listed to UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Standards, UL 891 Enclosed Switchboard Standards, meets all NEC requirements
    • Consistent application: Standardize electrical equipment layout across multiple locations and stores
    • Time-saving installation: Prewired single enclosure solution reduces electrical system installation labor by an average of 90%


    • Fueling kiosks
    • Fueling stations
    • Convenience stores
    • Grocery stores with fueling stations


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