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Speed-D Merchandised Service Section LV Switchboards

Short lead times. Meets EUSERC requirements.

Designed for the EUSERC market, these switchboards offer a compact footprint, short lead time, and cost-effective solution for service entrance applications rated 400-800A. Available in standard or solar-ready configurations.

Speed-D Merchandised Service Section LV Switchboards
  • Features

    Compact, cost-effective solution for service entrance applications rated 400 - 800A. Speed-D® is a single section switchboard that includes an EUSERC utility CT compartment, a main circuit breaker or main fusible disconnect and either a NQ or I-Line® distribution panel with provisions for branch circuit breakers. For solar or other secondary power source, provisions for back-fed breakers are available. A EUSERC utility CT compartment with fusible multiple mains is also available for six disconnect applications.
    • Application: Suitable for use as service entrance equipment on AC systems. Sections contain metering compartment, barriers, main disconnects, distribution panel, neutral bus and grounding provisions.
    • Metering: C/T compartment with two 15-inch blank meter doors as standard or optional door configurations to meet specific utility requirements. Incoming cable lugs are for top feed with one twin conductor #2-600 kcmil lug per phase and neutral, suitable for aluminum or copper cables. Optional single conductor lug is available.
    • Mains: Main circuit breaker types are PowerPact L, PowerPact P, LH or MJ. Main fusible device supplied with Class T fuses. Multiple main devices utilize plug-on fusible switches. 
    • Branches: NQ distribution bus is rated 400 A and provides mounting space for QO®/QOB Type (150 A max.) circuit breakers. Panel provides space for mounting 42 single pole circuit breakers. One or two individually mounted 225 A max. circuit breakers can be added with bus connectors.
    • I-Line distribution bus is rated 400 A, 600 A, or 800 A and will accept 27" of I-Line circuit breakers on the left side maximum frame size of "J" or "K". The right side will accept either a QO plug-on distribution panel (240 V only) or LA or LH I-Line circuit breaker.
    • Enclosure: Totally enclosed front accessible with ANSI 49 gray baked enamel finish. Dimensions are 90 in. H x 14 in. D x 36 in. W for indoor and 90 in. H x 24.5 in. D x 36 in. W for outdoor enclosures.
      Bussing: Main circuit breaker version standard with all copper bus. Main fusible disconnect version standard with aluminum/copper bus.


    • Ready-to-Install merchandise offering, available from an authorized Schneider Electric distributor or warehouse stock. Some sections are factory assembled only.
    • Hot sequence utility compartment per EUSERC requirements
    • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment, in either circuit breaker or fusible designs
    • UL Listed
    • Mains rating 400, 600, or 800A
    • Thermal magnetic or electronic trip circuit breakers
    • Voltage: 120/240, 208Y/120, 240/120, or 480Y/277 Vac
    • Systems: 1Ø3W or 3Ø4W
    • Maximum SCCR 200 kA fusible, 100 kA circuit breaker
    • Solar-ready capability
    • NEMA Type 1 or Type 3R enclosures
    • Full height add-on or stand-alone distribution section
    • Distribution interiors in either NQ lighting (240 Vac) or I-Line power (480 Vac) platforms
    • Accessories include:
      — Underground pull sections
      — Loadside wireway
      — Bus links for donut-type current transformers
      — Double padlock hasp attachments
      — I-Line plug-on distribution panel for QO circuit breakers
      — Sub-feed circuit breakers from 100 to 225 A


    • Commercial Buildings
    • Commercial Office Buildings
    • Residential
    • Industrial
    • Education
    • Retail


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