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ION Setup 3.0

Meter configuration and verification utility

Part of PowerLogic

User-friendly configuration tool for setting up and reviewing data of PowerLogic meters and devices.

ION Setup 3.0
  • Features

    PowerLogic ION Setup software is a free, user-friendly configuration tool that provides an intuitive environment for setting up and verifying settings on PowerLogic meters and other devices.
    PowerLogic ION Setup has minimal hard drive footprint and memory requirements, so it is easy to install and use on almost any Windows operating system.
    New features in ION Setup 3.0:
    • Designed to operate on Windows 7/Vista/XP
    • Data log viewing and template support added for PowerLogic PM800, CM3000 and CM4000 series power meters
    • Support added for new IEC 61850 available on PowerLogic ION8800 meters
    • Configuration support for PowerLogic CM2450 power meter
    • Generic Modbus configuration support for Twido PLC
    • Generic Modbus configuration support for PowerLogic BCM
    • Improved Setup Screen navigation with folders for PM/CM products
    • Configuration comparison reporting
    • Advanced configuration Setup Assistants that support PowerLogic meters designed with the ION architecture (ION7300 series, ION7550/ION7650, ION8600, ION8650, ION8800) for configuring communications, protocols, security, time-of-use, memory, front panel displays, and much more
    • Rapid meter programming for “ION” series meter frameworks (v240+ firmware)
    • Remote collection of data recorder and event logs in HHF or CSV formats for input into other systems
    • Off-line programming for ION8600 and ION8800 meters to allow configuration and testing of templates without a physical meter being present
    • Real-time vector displays for mo