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MiCOM P849

IEC 61850 Input & Output Extension Device

MiCOM P849 is the digital input and output extension device for the MiCOM range. Models available: MiCOM P849

MiCOM P746
  • Features

    MiCOM P849 extends the number of digital inputs and digital outputs of existing relays in a secure and reliable way.

    It collects digital data from any protection relay and addresses CB commands (open/close) from any protection relay.

    MiCOM P849 provides a fully integrated and compact IO extension device that is easy to install and can perform more flexible applications, such as a Remote Terminal Unit.

    MiCOM P849 is built on the well known MiCOM Px40 hardware platform and offers:
    • Complete solution with the Schneider Electric MiCOM range
    • Numerical technology
    • Proven reliability

    Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 Years


    Economical solution - Flexible - Easy to use - Reliable

    Integration of MiCOM P849 into the overall power system further fulfils the needs of electrical supply utilities and industrial consumers by providing many short term and long term
    • Cost effective solution for use in multiple applications
    • Reliable operation minimizes outages
    • Information gathering allows efficient operation

    Direct cost reduction includes:

    • Purchasing cost
    • Maintenance cost reduction is achieved through the use of the MiCOM Px40 series standard hardware

    Indirect cost reduction includes:

    • No need of Engineering if the default PSL is used.
    • GOOSE testing mode


    Scalable solution to increase digital Inputs and Outputs capabilities of existing IEC61850 communicating product range, can be used in any application
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