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Linergy TR Terminal Blocks

Push-in type, spring type, and screw type terminal blocks

Linergy TR Terminal Blocks: The Expert's Choice for Reliability and Simplicity

Linergy TR Terminal Blocks
  • Features

    Linergy™ connection systems offer three terminal block technologies.

    • The new push-in terminal blocks use the most cost-effective connection technique in the market. This technique drastically reduces wiring time and eliminates the need for regular re-tightening. 
    • Spring technology is a type of connection that requires limited maintenance and helps ensure the separation of mechanical and electrical functions. 
    • Screw technology terminal blocks are components which are well-known and widely used throughout the world and are suitable for the vast majority of connection applications.


    • Fast and easy installation - Save time and money
    • Multiple connection options - Quick and easy selection
    • International standards and RoHS compliance - For world-wide use
    • Extensive connection and test accessories  - Installations are completed quickly, easily, and clearly labelled


    Material Handling
    Harsh Environment
    Conveyance Lines
    Complex and Special Machines
    Industrial Markets
    Assembly Lines


    • Spring Technology
    • Screw Technology
    • Hybrid Technology
    • Push-in Technology

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