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ArcFM™ Server

For improved accuracy and productivity

Flexible web environment for the ArcFM™ Solution

Designer Express
  • Features

    ArcFM Server allows your organization to deploy spatially-aware applications, with data managed by the ArcFM Solution, over the web in a familiar environment. ArcFM Server consists of the following:

    • ArcFM Server Web Services – Foundation for supporting a service-oriented architecture (SOA) across the enterprise. It provides server extensions for key ArcFM Solution functionality as well as access to the ArcFM framework of editing and business rule enforcement objects, including ArcFM Properties, ArcFM AutoUpdaters, and ArcFM Model Names.
    • ArcFM Server Silverlight SDK – A rich set of development tools that allows a developer to extend the viewing functionality of Esri’s ArcGIS® API Microsoft Silverlight/WPF.
    • ArcFM Server Silverlight Sample page – A sample application that shows some of the options available in the SDK. We give you code to build your Silverlight page tailored for your users.
    • ArcFM Solution Resource Center – Provides downloads for the latest version of the SDKYou can try out specific Silverlight functionality, such as traces, using a sample map, and then download the C# and XAML code necessary to add that tool to your custom ArcFM Server Web application.


    Schneider Electric’s ArcFM Server offers key benefits :

    • More data available to more people – ArcFM Server Web Services allows GIS information to be accessed across multiple departments within an organization
    • Ability to deploy spatially-aware applications over the Web in a familiar environment


    • Electric, gas, and water traces
    • Locate
    • Display Namer
    • Attribute Viewer
    • Redlining
    • Identify Tool
    • ArcFM Locator Tool
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