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Conduit Manager

Underground facility management tool

Support revenue-generating activities with reliable information

Designer Express
  • Features

    Conduit Manager is an integrated set of tools for documenting, planning, designing, analyzing, and maintaining the underground conduit system of a utility network. Conduit Manager tools allow you to define an underground conduit system that includes duct banks, trenches, sub-ducts, cross-sections, underground cables, and underground access structures. Internals of underground structures, such as manholes and vaults, also are fully supported. Once the underground system is built, users can leverage the tracing queries to determine duct availability based on various criteria.


    Schneider Electric's Conduit Manager offers several key benefits:

    • Integrated system supports comprehensive management of the underground conduit system with accurate, up-to-date data
    • Centralized data storage allows efficient dissemination to other enterprise users
    • Annotation and manhole diagrams are automatically updated as data changes
    • Duct leasing, and associated  revenue, is streamlined with accurate tracking of leased ducts and tracing queries that determine duct availability for new leases
    • Existing ArcFM™ Solution data – electric conductors, communications cables, and fiber optic cables – can be leveraged.


    • Define duct bank configurations including sub-ducts and circular or rectangular ducts
    • Create conduit system network connectivity
    • Manage duct availability and leasing information
    • Associate underground conductors, fiber optic cables, and other elements to duct positions
    • Add cross-section annotation of the duct bank to the map
    • Create internal views of manholes and vaults – butterfly diagrams
    • Navigate between manholes and vaults automatically
    • Set duct query criteria and perform duct availability traces

    Query and report Conduit Manager ducts based on availability, size, material, occupancy, and other criteria

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