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Class 8903 Combination Lighting Contactors

Type S Lighting Contactors

Ideal for industrial, highway and area lighting applications

Class 8903 Combination Lighting Contactors
  • Features

    Square D combination lighting contactors are available with either a UL 98 disconnect switch or UL489 circuit breaker and both mechanically held and electrically held configurations for all control configurations. The combination lighting contactor is desirable when the branch-circuit protection and lighting contactor are needed in one enclosure. Combination lighting contactors are well-suited for industrial, highway and area lighting applications, or where a lighting circuit may have to be disconnected for periodic maintenance. They may also be used for resistance heating loads.

    Our electrically held combination lighting contactors are also available in UL listed Service Entrance devices with our NIGHTMASTER™ line of products. These NIGHTMASTER products are ideal for mounting applications in remote locations.
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