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Power Pack and Auxiliary Relay

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Low Voltage Power for Occupancy Sensors

Power Pack and Auxiliary Relay
  • Features

    The Power Pack supplies low voltage power to ceiling and wall mounted occupancy sensors, and employs a heavy duty 20A relay to switch lighting and HVAC loads based on a control signal received from the occupancy sensor. The SLSPP1277 power pack accepts both 120V and 277V input and supplies up to 100mA at 24DC. The SLSPP1347 power pack accepts both 347V input and supplies up to 150mA at 24VDC.

    The power pack employs a micro-controller that switches loads at minimum voltage, protecting relay contacts from high in-rush current common when switching electronic ballasts and AC motors. This switching method reduces the stress across the relay contacts, preventing arc-over and assuring long reliable contact life.

    Similar to the power pack, the auxiliary relay (SLSSP24 or SLSSP24347) does not supply power, but switches lighting and HVAC loads based on a control signal from the occupancy sensor.

    Both the power pack and auxiliary relay are housed in a rugged plenum rated enclosure, and rated for lighting and HVAC loads, including electronic ballasts and AC motors. Flexible mounting scheme allows for installation inside or outside a standard 4 x 4 inch junction box.

    • 120V/277V (SLSPP1277) or 347V (SLSPP1347) Input
    • Plenum Rated Flexible Mounting Options
    • UL and cUL Listed
    • FCC Part 15, Class B
    • Heavy duty relay rated to switch electronic ballast loads
    • External color coded leads for quick installation
    • Mounts to a standard 4-in. x 4-in. junction box using a 1/2-in., threaded EMT nipple
    • Isolated auxiliary contact
    • Suitable for use with Powerlink® controllers 

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