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MPPT 80 600

Solar charge controller

Install for less, harvest more energy.

MPPT 80 600
  • Features

    The MPPT 80 600 Solar Charge Controller offers an industry-first set of integration features and top performance that allows for large PV array systems to be easily installed and connected to the battery bank at the lowest overall cost. Installing one MPPT 80 600 is faster than installing multiple smaller charge controllers and lowers overall costs further by utilizing fewer PV strings, smaller wiring and conduit, and by eliminating the need for PV combiner boxes and DC circuit breakers.

    Longer distances from array site to battery bank are also easier to accommodate than with smaller charge controllers. Advanced Fast Sweep™ MPPT charging technology helps harvest the most energy available from the PV array, even in partial shade conditions. 80 A of battery charge current allows for the connection of PV arrays rated up to 600 V STC (2560 W for 24 V systems, 4800 W for 48 V systems).

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    Easy to install:

    • Fewer string wires
    • Smaller AWG Wire
    • No need for combiner box or GFI circuit breaker


    • Available remote monitoring and configuration
    • Compatible with any brand of PV Module, any grounding method
    • Stand-alone application or full integration with Conext XW Inverter charger system
    High return on investment:

    • Installs faster with fewer costly components
    • Improve battery life with selectable multi-stage temperature compensated charging
    • Harvest more energy with Shade Tolerant Fast Sweep MPPT Algorithm


    • Residential, BackupPower and Grid-tie
    • Small Commercial, Backup Power and Grid-tie
    • Off-grid Solar
    • Community Electrification

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