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Energy Insight

This is a legacy product

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Web-based energy monitoring solution that gives accurate information, which is at the heart of achieving sustainable energy savings. Monitor branch circuit performance and energy use. Web-based solution that with Powerlink MVP panelboards provides complete energy usage monitoring by branch circuit, space, and system.

Energy Insight
  • Features

    The Energy Insight dashboard by Schneider Electric is a web-based energy monitoring solution. The solution features Schneider Electric Measurement and Verification Panelboards (MVP) and the Energy Insight dashboard application. The system provides complete energy usage monitoring by branch circuit, space, and system.
    The Energy Insight browser-based dashboard platform is easy to use. It allows multiple users to log-in simultaneously from anywhere and monitor energy usage. Panelboard data populates into user-configured dashboards and the Energy Insight application analyzes current (Amps), power (kW), and energy (kWh) on a circuit, zone, or panel basis. Power Factor data is available on a circuit and panel (per-phase) basis. Voltage data is also available on a panel (per-phase) basis.
    The dashboard uses historical data of each circuit or selected circuits grouped into zones. Users can identify energy use trends and detect future opportunities for improved energy efficiency and sustainability. Providing best-in-class capabilities, the solution can be easily reconfigured at the touch of a button to align with a facility’s changing environment.

    • User configurable, easy-to-use interface, compatible with any web browser.
    • Auto-populates MVP Virtual Power view-let data.
    • Includes up to 28 views to create user customizable dashboards.
    • Extensive zoning capability.
    • View, benchmark, and generate reports for up to two-years of data.
    • Easy-to-configure settings for customized alarms and notifications.
    • Customizable views can be organized on multiple tabs. Views can be embedded on websites.
    • Establish and organize user logins as well as setup access groups and user permissions.



    • Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
    • Verify energy savings by circuit, zone, space, or complete lighting system
    • Benchmark and track energy conservation efforts



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