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VR Drawout Circuit Breakers

Drawout vacuum circuit breakers up to 27kV.

The VR vacuum circuit breaker is a horizontal drawout circuit breaker for use with Masterclad MV switchgear.

VR Drawout Circuit Breakers
  • Features

    VR breakers feature a fast 3 cycle interrupting rating for demanding medium voltage applications.

    • Removable, drawout vacuum circuit breakers with 3 cycle interruption
    • Voltage range: 4.76kV to 27kV
    • Current range: 1200A to 4000A
    • Interrupting range: 25kA to 63kA
    • Permanently mounted spring charge handle
    • UL label
    • Contact erosion indication on each pole
    • Dedicated bottom wheels for moving on floor
    • Dual trip/undervoltage trip options
    • 5NO/5NC contacts for breaker status
    • Mechanism and truck operated contacts for SCADA/control


    Speed, reliability, ease of maintenance.
    • Speed: breaker operates with a short fault clearing time of 3 cycles (50 milliseconds).
    • Reliability: operating mechanism has up to 10,000 mechanical operations and continuous current operations.
    • Ease of maintenance: vacuum interruper are sealed for long life and are drawout. E-gap indication provides contact erosion indication on each interruper pole.


    Critical main service entrance protection and control for large installations including industrial plants, buildings, data centers, hospitals, utility generation systems, and water/wasterwater plants.

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