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EcoStruxure Power Commission

Easily configure, commission, and maintain smart devices in an electrical distribution

Part of EcoStruxure

EcoStruxure Power Commission (formerly Ecoreach) is an all-in-one software tool that offers easy configuration, reliable testing methodologies, and integrated reporting for all smart devices in your electrical equipment distribution—all in one free program—to help optimize your commissioning time.

EcoStruxure Power Commission
  • Features

    With EcoStruxure Power Commission, you can configure and start up your smart electrical devices in the simplest way.

    Download EcoStruxure Power Commission software: Available on the Documents & Downloads tab

    EcoStruxure Power Commission automatically discovers your smart devices and enables multiple devices to connect for easy configuration of smart panels. You can generate comprehensive reports as part of Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test to replace your heavy manual work.  Once the panels are operational, any changes in their configuration are easily identified, which helps to maintain system consistency during the operation and maintenance phases.

    • Automatic device discovery
    • Graphical representation of communication architecture
    • Communication test and report
    • Verification and control of devices
    • Device check up
    • Comprehensive project report
    • Firmware compatibility matrix
    • Firmware update
    • Settings consistency check
    • Safe and secure project storage in the cloud

    Compatible Devices

    • MasterPact™ NT/NW (IEC and UL) circuit breaker
    • PowerPact™ H-, J-, and L- frame (UL) circuit breaker 
    • PowerPact™ M-, P-, and R- frame (UL) circuit breaker 
    • Power Meters (PM5100, PM5300, PM5500, iEM3000, and iEM2000 series)

    Software requirements

    • Processor- Intel ® CoreTM 2 Duo CPU at 3.00 GHz
    • RAM - 4 GB
    • System type- 64 bit / 32
    • Operating system- Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
    • Google Chrome™ web browser (version 54 or later)
    • Modbus driver (version 2.13 for 32-bit and version 3.13 for 64-bit)


    EcoStruxure Power Commission is an all-in-one software tool that offers easy configuration, reliable testing methodologies, and integrated reporting for all smart devices in your electrical distribution—all in one free program.

    Establish and maintain: Building and testing your network is easy. Locate all smart electrical equipment devices, test communications, and confirm proper wiring all with a few clicks.

    Maintenance made easy: See system changes from a range of devices. The firmware compatibility check and device monitoring capabilities assist with advanced maintenance planning to increase up-time and ensure that your service continues uninterrupted.

    Commissioning made easy: Locate and configure all your smart devices in your electrical equipment distribution at once, driving efficiency every step of the way.

    Test with Efficiency: Integrated testing and comprehensive reporting allow a clear picture of your system in one place, reducing your overall processing time.

    How to Videos

    EcoStruxure Power Commission (formerly Ecoreach)

    Ecoreach Experience—Configuring SmartLink Devices
    Getting started with Ecoreach: how to create a project, discover devices, build the electrical hierarchy and check communication wiring.


    Ecoreach Experience—Commissioning Devices
    Learn how you can configure and update settings across multiple devices using Ecoreach.

    Ecoreach Experience—Maintenance
    Learn how to maintain smart devices in your electrical distribution system using Ecoreach.

    Ecoreach Experience—Building Panels
    Five key steps to assist panel builders with the testing and commissioning of smart panels using Ecoreach.



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