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MiniEVR™ Automatic Voltage Regulator

Continuous voltage protection and power conditioning

This Product is Obsolete

Protect your equipment from sags, brownouts, swells, and surges

MiniEVR™ Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Features

    The MiniEVR™ automatic voltage regulator provides continuous power conditioning and voltage protection in an economical, small, single-phase arrangement. An industrial grade automatic voltage regulator, it features a non-full power semiconductor design. Protect your equipment from power quality issues like sags, brownouts, surges, and swells without the heat, noise, and high utility bills of traditional voltage regulators. Conveniently sized for small, single-phase applications, it is compatible with all types of equipment and power factors.

    The MiniEVR automatic voltage regulator is 99% efficient, saving energy costs. Its high overload capacity eliminates the need to oversize the product or sacrifice reliability while accounting for large inrush currents or fault-clearing currents. With a small size, it features a quiet operation and is easy to apply and install. It continuously monitors output voltage and quickly switches transformer taps when voltage falls outside regulation range.
    • Highest overload capacity available for compatibility with all load types and power factors
    • Highest fault-clearing capacity available for reliable operation of protective devices
    • 99% efficiency for all but the lowest end of the load range
    • Continuous load current — no load current interruption on tap switching
    • Quickly corrects under/overvoltage, sags, dips, and swells
    • Automatic fail-safe electronic bypass eliminates load current interruption in the event of a malfunction
    • Zero moving parts and fan-free design for increased reliability and no scheduled maintenance
    • Surge suppression and input circuit breaker are standard
    • 1000% fault-clearing capacity
    • Natural convection cooling
    • Sizes 2 to 15 kVA, any voltage up to 600 Vac
    • Flexible installation, maintenance-free


    • Improve equipment and power reliability
    • Avoid costly downtime and lost productivity
    • Ensure maximum uptime and equipment life-span
    • Compact size for small applications



    Data Center
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