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SagFighter™ Active Voltage Conditioner

Power conditioning and voltage sag correction for equipment protection

Ultra-fast correcting technology

SagFighter™ Active Voltage Conditioner
  • Features

    Protect critical production equipment against random voltage sags typically caused by transmission line disturbances or naturally occurring weather-related events. The SagFighter™ active voltage conditioner uses ultrafast correcting technology to ride through deep voltage sags. Available in sizes from small, three-phase applications up to complete facility protection, it is compatible with all load types and power factors.

    SagFighter is an industrial-grade, solid state, active voltage conditioner that operates without batteries or energy storage. Industrial-grade means it is compatible with all non-regenerative load types and load power factors and provides a minimum 1,000% fault-clearing capability. Unlike computer-grade products or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), it is designed for frequent high-inrush current and low-power factor loads without the need to oversize the product.
    • Simple operation, no operator or programming required
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Sag protection compliant with SEMI-F47
    • Ultrafast full sag correction within two milliseconds
    • Sag correction duration independent of load or power factor
    • Sag correction for a minimum of 100 seconds
    • Corrects phase shifting
    • No need for bypass operation for high-inrush or overload currents
    • Compatible with all load types and power factors
    • 99% energy efficient for energy savings
    • Continuous protection without the need to recharge or reset
    • Non-continuous inverter operation that increases reliability
    • Battery-free design, small footprint 
    • Low operating and maintenance cost
    • Any voltage up to 600 Vac
    • Natural convection cooling, no fans or other moving parts
    • Automatic electronic fail-safe bypass


    • Protect critical production equipment from damaging voltage fluctuations
    • Improve equipment and facility reliability
    • Avoid costly downtime and lost productivity
    • Easy operation, fast installation and no regular maintenance required



    Data Center
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