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Type S Multipole Lighting Contactors (8903)

UL Listed short-circuit ratings up to 100,000 A

Class 8903 Type S multipole lighting contactors are available as electrically held or mechanically held devices and can be ordered as open or installed in numerous types of NEMA rated enclosures with a long list of Factory Order Modification (Form) options. Additionally, they can be ordered as a combination lighting contactor with disconnect switches (fused or non-fused) or PowerPact™ circuit breakers for short circuit protection and the disconnection operated by a rugged flange mounted handle.

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Type S Multipole Lighting Contactors (8903)
  • Features

    • Electrically and mechanically held
    • 30 - 800 Amp lighting ratings
    • 2 thru 5 pole versions (5 poles thru 200 Amps)
    • UL Listed short-circuit rating up to 100,000 Amperes
    • Factory wired controls and clearly marked termination points
    • Quick ship on most items in 5-7 days

    Poles for Type S

    A single-pole or double-pole kit can be added to any 2 or 3 pole 30 or 60 Ampere Type S lighting contactor to make a 4 or 5 pole devices. Factory assembled 4 and 5 pole contactors utilize the basic 3 pole device with a single or double-pole kit installed. Only one power pole can be added per contactor. Sufficient room is provided in all enclosure styles for the addition of a power pole kit.


    • Customizable with hundreds of combinations of contactors, starters, combination starters, pump panels, two-speed starters, reduced- voltage starters, enclosure options, and accessories
    • Robust design and reliable build for long mechanical life and electrical endurance
    • Serviceable by replacing contacts and coils rather than replacing the entire product; simply service the part that is worn out.
    • Simple catalog number for easy and fast ordering


    One stop shopping for OEM, panel builders, industrial, commercial, highway and area lighting applications where a lighting circuit may have to be disconnected for periodic maintenance.  The contactors can also be used for resistance heating loads.
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