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Thermal tracking software

Register and track the thermal data evolution of your control panels

  • Features

    Create a complete and accurate tracking report of thermal conditions — temperature, humidity, dew point for your machine or process and environment

    A complete diagnosis in 3 steps:
    1. ClimaSys DT dataloggers measure and track thermal data.
    2. EffiClima software translates data into a report on temperature, humidity, and dew point
    3. ProClima software proposes the right thermal management solution based on the data variables
    EffiClima software characteristics:

    Data View Features
    • Real-time data in multiple displays — graph, table, statistics
    • Three levels of reporting available:
    1. Automatic pop-up report provided when datalogger is connected after field measurement
    2. Boomerang report provided when datalogger is configured to automatically create and email a PDF data report upon PC connection — users simply enters their email address to receive
    3. Advanced report provided when users personalize the data desired, including report format Excel or PDF
    Alarm Features
    • Multi-alarm level setup with email
    Report Module Features
    • Intuitive interface for generating comprehensive data reports with automatic email distribution in PDF and Excel files — users are able to save reports and review them as often as they wish
    Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Evolutions
    •        Statistical tracking with export to Excel and CSV formats



    • New (Greenfield) and existing (Brownfield) installations.
    • For looking after all critical processes in industrial environments for indoor or outdoor applications when thermal variables can affect the reliability/performance of the control panels.


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