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Square-Duct Wireways

Available in general purpose, oiltight and raintight configurations

Wireway is designed to carry electrical feeders, branch circuits and other groups of conductors while protecting the electrical wiring from dust, dirt, oil and water.

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Square-Duct Wireways
  • Features

    Square-Duct® Wireways is a comprehensive electrical wireway line featuring designs for every commercial, industrial or OEM application.

    Square-Duct Wireways are designed to carry electrical feeders, branch circuits and other groups of conductors, providing varying degrees of protection from physical or environmental elements, such as dirt, dust or water. These lay-in wireways offer easy access for the installation and maintenance of the wires. In addition, tap-offs can be made easily to wireways via knockouts.


    When comparing wireway with conduit, wireway provides the following advantages:

    • Weighs less and is reusable
    • Is easier to install
    • Allows conductors to be laid in
    • Makes additions to the wiring system easier
    • Provides provisions for tap-offs


    Commercial, Industrial or OEM applications:

    • Incoming cable runs and feeder circuits from switchboards to power and lighting panels
    • Distribution of power in industrial plants
    • Ganging equipment such as motor controllers, safety switches, and metering devices
    • Vertical runs of cable in elevator shafts

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