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Wall Duct

Available in various standard sizes and straight lengths

Electrical raceway for enclosure of wiring to medical diagnostic equipment

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Wall Duct
  • Features

    Wall duct steel-enclosed electrical raceway is an economical, flexible, UL® approved alternative to conduit systems for enclosure of wiring to medical diagnostic machines. Its primary advantage over conduit is its complete lay-in feature. Wall duct comes with continuous covers so cables can be installed, and later accessed and changed, by simply removing all of the covers. This is especially important for medical diagnostic facilities considering the large diameter connectors that are often pre-terminated onto the high voltage power cables. Square D® wall duct also features:

    • Covers which allow for flush or surface mounting (since most applications require a combination of both wall and ceiling mounted duct, a flush to surface adapter is available to transition from one type of raceway system to the other)
    • Aluminum components to eliminate the potential distortion of magnetic fields in MRI technology

    Wall duct is used in combination with trench duct to provide a complete raceway system for power distribution in medical diagnostic facilities.


    Economy and flexibility are the keys to comparing wall duct and cable-conduit systems. Conduit installations are fixed location systems. Wall duct, with its continuous covers, provides removable points of access. Modifications can be made to the room and equipment lay-out utilizing the existing wall duct locations, reflecting the superior flexibility of the wall duct as compared to conduit. With the continuing advances in medical-imaging technology, wall duct installations serve well during economical changes.


    Wall duct is used to enclose the wiring to diagnostic-imaging machines. Wall duct is used in combination with trench duct to provide a complete raceway system from the power and control consoles to the patient table.

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