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Temporary Generator Connection

Schneider Electric Services delivers turnkey solutions for temporary generator connection to your normal or emergency power system.

A temporary generator connection is recommended where one of the following applies: the authority having jurisdiction requires portable generator connection provisions in addition to the fixed-mounted emergency generators per NEC® article 708.20(F)(6), the facility is designated as needing continued operations in the event of a widespread disaster and a temporary connection is acceptable to the governing entity, and the facility can withstand short-term disruptions to electrical power.

Temporary Generator Connection
  • Features

    The interconnection of trailer-mounted portable generators to the facility’s power requires a retrofit to the existing service switchgear.
    • The incoming tap box, suitable for connection of temporary cables, is typically installed outdoors to simplify the generator cable connections.
    • Schneider Electric power system engineers will properly size generators and power distribution components.



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