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Lexium 62 ILD & Motors

Detached servo drives and motors for PacDrive 3 automation solutions

Part of Lexium

Detached servo drives for PacDrive 3 based automation solutions with servo motors or AC motors with rated current up to 6 A

Lexium 62 ILD & Motors
  • Features

    Lexium 62 ILD detached servo drives complies with the IP 65 degree of protection. The drives can be controlled with all PacDrive LMC motion controllers of the Pro and Eco series via Sercos communication. all main components of the system are equipped with electronic name plates. So the controller recognizes the drives and configures them automatically.

    SoMachine tools are the base for engineering, commissioning and diagnosis of Lexium 62 ILD servo applications.

    Two types of detaches are available

    • Lexium 62 ILD single drive for one axis
    • Lexium 62 ILD triple drive for three axes

    By moving the servo out of the control cabinet and into the field, Lexium 62 ILD is reducing significant the efforts for the servo solution:

    • Plug & Play technology with pre-assembled hybrid cables
    • Up to 90% less wiring time
    • Up to 70% less cabling
    • Less wiring and cabling requirements in the control cabinet by up to 90%
    • Detached IP65 drive electronics unit, in comparison to Lexium 62 ILM more flexibility in the selection of motors
    • Quick interconnects and hybrid cables for signal and power level (same network infrastructure as used for Lexium 62 ILM
    • Automatic network configuration
    • Diagnostic functions


    The Lexium 62 ILD detached servo drives can be mounted directly in the machine frame. This needs less space in the cabinet and permit modular design of mechanics, software and even electronics. It makes ILD servo modules a key element in modular machine design. Therefore Lexium 62 ILM is an ideal solution for machines with a variety of optional mechatronic modules.

    Lexium 62 ILD is fully software compatible with Lexium 52 stand alone servo drives, with and with all drives and integrated drives of the Lexium 62 multi axis servo system. All together form the base for one of the most flexible servo drive solutions available on the market. The Fast Component Replacement concept with easy mechanical and electrical installation/removal, electric name plates in each drive for automatic configuring and as well the automatic motor detection offers your customers maximum reliability.


    Lexium 62 ILD meet the typical requirements of production and packaging machinery, as well as material handling and assembly systems.

    • General machine control
    • Packaging machine automation
    • Handling
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