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ECOFIT 50/51

CT Powered Protection Relays for Retrofit Applications.

The Schneider Electric ECOFIT™50/51 single phase or ground time overcurrent relays are direct plug and play replacements for many GE IAC electromechanical, GE DIAC and Basler BE1-50/51B replacements for GE IAC relays.

ECOFIT 50/51
  • Features

    • Self-powered from 50 or 60 Hz systems
    • Available in 5 amp or 1 amp CT secondary versions
    • 10-year warranty with final assembly and test in the USA
    • 31 Built-in protection curves
    • Instantaneous 50/50N elements
    • Fundamental or True RMS current measurement method
    • 2nd harmonic inrush blocking
    • Emulates electromechanical relay reset
    • TIME and TIMEBak 51/51N/50/50N O/C elements
    • 2 magnetic trip flags
    • 2 output relays rated per ANSI C37.90
    • Current measurement accuracy ±2%
    • Time/Date is retained for 36 hours after power loss
    • Disturbance recording (10x4 second recordings)
    • Fault recording (20 records)
    • Event logs (200 events)
    • Manual Trip Mode with status LED
    • Circuit Breaker diagnostics (∑ Trips, ∑ Amps^n)
    • Displays current measurement in primary or secondary values
    • Magnetic trip flags are not dependent on output relay load for operation
    • USB configuration port and password protection


    • Plug and play reduces install time and saves existing wiring
    • Self-powered requires no battery or auxiliary power
    • TIMEBak element can be used as a second stage TOC or a more sensitive IOC element
    • Extended testing intervals
    • Multi-vendor curves can retrofit a variety of legacy relays
    • Disturbance recording, fault records and event logs allow for post fault analysis
    • Magnetic trip flags can be reset from front panel or through the USB port
    • Setting ranges allow for phase or ground fault use


    • Direct Plug and Play replacement for GE single phase electromechanical IAC relays
    • Direct Plug and Play replacement for GE single phase digital DIAC relays
    • Direct Plug and Play replacement for Basler BE1-50/51B replacements for GE IAC relays
    • Single Phase Time and Instantaneous overcurrent protection (50/51)
    • Single Phase Ground Time and Instantaneous overcurrent protection (50N/51N)
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